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UK VB in Europe: Home Sweet Home

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The Kentucky volleyball team is on a two-week trip to Europe as a part of the Bring It program. The Wildcats will have the opportunity to play seven matches against teams ranging from European professionals to junior national teams while experiencing the culture of five different countries. UK volleyball manager Ryan Suckow is sending in photos, blog entries and video about their experiences while in Europe. 

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Hey Wildcat fans and family,

We have finally arrived back home from our European trip, and while we had a great time, it always feel good to be back in the Bluegrass. The experiences we had in Europe will last us all a lifetime, and now we hope to use what we learned about ourselves us people and as a team to prepare us for a great season here in 2010. The women seemed to learn a lot about themselves by having limited access to phones and the Internet, giving them more free time to spend with each other to bond and share some of these unique and special experiences.

We were gone for two weeks, visiting Prague, Czech Republic, Maribor, Slovenia, Vienna, Austria, Pula, Croatia, Venice, Italy and Rome, Italy. All of these places were unique and special, and I think that every one of us took something great away from these places. We were able to learn about each culture's lifestyle, language, currency, architecture, style, beliefs, and the list goes on. It really makes you appreciate the things you have but also opens more doors for the future by allowing you to see other parts of the world. By experiencing it, it makes you respect and appreciate those cultures rather than just learning about it, or hearing about it through the media or school. We did not just learn about another part of the world; we lived it.

We are so lucky and blessed to have been able to make this journey, and every one of us wants to thank Athletics Directer Mtich Barnhart and Lisa Peterson, along with the rest of the athletic department at Kentucky for making this happen. We can't thank you enough for this opportunity, and we will do our best to make sure that it was worth it for our team and the rest of the athletic department.

So with that said, thanks again for following us on our journey. We appreciate you staying with us, your interest in and support of the UK volleyball team. We look forward to seeing you all this fall at Memorial Coliseum as the Wildcats look to capture the Southeastern Conference title and build on last year's success. We are happy to be back in Kentucky, and as always, GO BIG BLUE!!!

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Welcome Home! Great experience you have in Europe.

Paula M

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