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Calipari: Contract restructuring concerns length of deal, not money

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A day after his name once again resurfaced for an NBA head coaching job, head coach John Calipari took to the Internet airwaves to reassure anxious Kentucky fans that Lexington is the place he wants to be.

"Alright, everybody, calm down," Calipari said in an audio tweet on "Take a breath. People can think whatever with rumors.  Let me tell you, I'm happy to be the coach at Kentucky. I love it. I'm having a ball. Now I'm going to tell you, it is a hard job - hard, the hardest job I've ever had - but I absolutely love it."

Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart sent out a statement Tuesday night indicating that the school was undergoing preliminary talks to restructure Calipari's contract. The new contract would, according to Barnhart, would keep Calipari at Kentucky "until he retires."

Calipari confirmed the contract negotiations Wednesday but said the restructuring of the contract would not include a raise.

"Mitch approached me about 10 days ago and said, 'Cal, I want to extend your contract. I want you to be here until you retire,' " Calipari said. "I looked at him and said, 'I like that, I like that. Now I don't want the compensation to change. I'm doing fine. But if there is anything you want to do that is going to make this a better program for our players, our staff (and) maybe make it a little bit easier, I'm all for it, I want to hear it, let's figure that stuff out.' "

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