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Wall's cramps could pose problems down the road

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wall layup hartford.jpgIf John Wall is Kentucky's Superman, it's become increasingly aware that cramps are his kryptonite.

Wall has battled cramps on and off for much of the season. He missed significant minutes in the second half of the North Carolina game and missed a few minutes Saturday against Louisville with cramps in his legs.

The freshman phenom returned to the game, scored six straight points to fuel the UK win, and finished with 17 points and four assists, but the recurring problems with cramps could pose a threat to the Cats come crunch time in other marquee games.

Head coach John Calipari, in part, took the blame for Saturday's cramps.

"I may have rode him too long in this game trying to get by," Calipari said.

Wall isn't quite sure what the problem is because he never had problems with cramping in high school.

"They're saying I'm using a lot of energy and sweating a lot," Wall said. "I've gotten a lot of minutes. I drank enough Gatorade and ate bananas before the game, but (the trainers) said I use so much sweat that I've got to keep drinking them."

Wall expends so much energy on the court that it shouldn't be all that surprising that he's cramped up late in games.

"I'm playing to another level I thought I could never be at," Wall said.

Calipari said he might have to institute a unique subbing pattern with Wall to keep his legs fresh while not limiting his role.

"What I've done with players like him is I've basically let them sub themselves," Calipari said. "You tell me when you want to come out twice each half, right before which timeout, a media timeout, so you can get a long one. We may have to do that with him."

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1 Comment

I have worked on my feet all my life and had problems with leg cramps, I was told not enough water and potasium so i started taking 1 potassium pill every day and tried to drink at least 64 oz. of water per day and it did help to decrease the severity of my cramps and the frequency of them . I hope this helps it is such a joy watching you play Itkpxtn hope and pray that you continue your sucess with us here at big blue nation and stay with us.

good luck
god bless


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