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Saturday a 'blackout' game

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Kentucky's game versus Mississippi State is a "blackout" game. UK is encouraging fans to wear black for Saturday's game on Halloween, although it does not appear very likely the Kentucky players will sport black uniforms.

The consensus among the UK players at Monday's weekly news conference is that they really want to wear them. When asked about potentially playing in all black, offensive lineman Christian Johnson said he would "probably have a heart attack."

"When you look at a team and you see them in their regular jerseys in warm-ups, then you see them come back out and they have all black on, it's an intimidation factor," Johnson said. "I think it would do wonders. We have had the same thing and I think it can kick us up and kick the fans up. But whatever jerseys we have on, we have to win."

Sophomore cornerback Randall Burden said he's heard the rumors of black uniforms, but doesn't believe the "old school" head coach will go for it.

"We had a team meeting yesterday and everyone was hollering out, 'Are we getting black uniforms?' But, I don't think it's true," Burden said. "They wore black cleats for the Louisville game before I got here, and they got blown out. I guess he is superstitious about the black thing."

Brooks didn't outright rule out black jerseys for Saturday, but he is going to need a steady dose of convincing just to get him to warm up to the idea.

"I haven't seen black in our school colors," Brooks said. "I think we're blue and white. I'm an old traditionalist, I guess. They tried to sell me on black shoes, too, but that didn't work out too well."

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