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More pics from practice

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- First let me say I'm the worst photographer of all-time. Definitely not my strong suit, but I did my best to snap a few shots while I was down at practice.

- Really cool scene to see all the students pack the lower bowl of Memorial Coliseum and wait anxiously for the team to come out. The band was blaring behind the basket and flash bulbs were popping once head coach John Calipari and the team came out.

- It was just a practice, but this team seems to carry a surreal feeling with them wherever they go. Coaches from the Joe Craft Center, Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart and a bunch of other UK staffers watched from the concourse at Memorial to watch the team run drills. What other team in the nation could carry that type of attention?

- Calipari addressed the crowd beforehand, telling them to turn their cell phones off or on silent. He said the fans could break out into one last ovation before they got started, but after that, it was the team's time to practice. Calipari told the fans he was giving them a behind-the-scenes look at the same type of practice they would run in the Joe Craft Center, but he needed the team's attention when he blew the whistle or shouted out instructions.

- After explaining the details, Cal did have a couple of great one-liners to the students. He told the students that "We go down together and we go up together." He then said, "We'll cry together when we lose -- if we lose." The guy knows how to talk and fire up a crowd.

- Not a whole lot to report from the practice itself. Couple of "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd when DeMarcus Cousins crammed the ball and John Wall did a reverse dunk, but other than that, it was business as usual on the practice court. Cal did get on the team once for being a little too lethargic, telling his players that he didn't care if 3,000 people were watching and to pick up the pace. Cousins promptly followed with a nasty two-hand dunk. 





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Can't wait for season to start. Still SAD because I couldn't get tickets for BBmaddness. Hope I will be able to get tickets for some of the games. I'm 82 years old BUT STILL LOVE & FOLLOW MY CATS.

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