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Victory.jpgWe heard this cliche that the third time is a charm. We figured we'd give it a shot with this blog.

Not that we've been unsatisfied with the now 9-month-old Cat Scratches, but we've decided it was time for a new look, one more suited for a blog. So today, I'm proud to unveil Cat Scratches version 3.0.

I won't take too much time to run over the details of the new blog because you can browse through and experiment for yourself, but the biggest additions to the new Cat Scratches format is that it has all the components of what a blog is all about.

No longer will you have to write in e-mails to post your thoughts (although we'll still gladly accept your opinion at ). With the new blog, you'll now be able to post comments, pending our approval.

Each post will now have its own separate entry. Instead of going to posts for each day of the week, everything we'll be provided in one scroll-down feature. You can click on each post to view it by itself, which will also allow for the new RSS feed to work how it was designed to. Instead of getting just one update a day through the feed, you'll now receive an update every time we make a post. We encourage you to re-subscribe in the box on the right sidebar.

While you're over there, take the time to peruse through the other blog features. Instead of cycling through a lost list of archives, we have a much more organized and easy-to-use calendar that will archive each and every post. Below that are some links to Kentucky's best coverage of newspapers, Web sites and blogs, as well our UKAthleticsNews Twitter feed and tags to find related posts.

More than anything, the redesign was created for you, the fans. It's a much easier to read, more interactive blog than we used before, and we're hoping to connect you even closer with UK Athletics.

As we switch over to the new format, there will more than likely be a few kinks to work out, so be patient. However, we would appreciate any feedback you all have. If there is something you don't like or a component you hope we can add, please let us know by commenting on a post or sending an e-mail to .

Yes, the domain name has changed and yes, you'll have to re-bookmark subscribe to the RSS feed, but it's worth doing again. We're still UK's official blog of UK Athletics and we're out to provide you the most comprehensive, balanced, inside coverage of UK's athletics programs.

And this time we promise to stick around a little longer. At least we hope so.

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