Athletic Department

Strength and Conditioning Facilities

E.J. Nutter Training Facility

The Nutter Center, as it is called on the UK campus, encompasses over 48,000 square feet. Originally constructed at a cost of $5.7 million, the facility is the primary strength & conditioning workout area of the Kentucky football and baseball teams, plus rifle and track throwers. The Nutter Center is highlighted by a 9,000-square-foot weight room. The weight room has 100,000 pounds of free weights in addition to numerous strength and conditioning machines.

The Nutter Center also features a sprint track, sauna and jacuzzi, an aerobics room, and three racquetball courts.

ShivelyShively Weight Room

The 3,700-square foot Shively Weight Room is under the direction of Coach John Spurlock and features a variety of free weight equipment, which complements the training philosophy of the Shively staff. Nearly all of UK's Olympic sports teams traing at Shively.

The primary focus of the facility is the development of core strength using ground-based, multi-joint lifting through use of the Olympic lifts. By incorporating this explosive style of lifting, athletes become more powerful, resulting in an increase in speed. The core of the athlete's body also is trained and complemented with a variety of lifts, including squats, lunges, plyometrics, presses, pulls, trunk rotation and abdominal exercise. Through the combination of these exercises, the athletes are better able to reach their goals.

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Memorial Coliseum/Practice Facility Weight Room

Stay tuned for photos and information on UK's new state-of-the-art weight room which is a part of the $30 million basketball practice facility currently being constructed adjacent to Memorial Coliseum. The men's and women's basketball teams moved into the new facility in January, 2007. Both basketball teams and golf teams, plus the volleyball team will train in the new facility.