Athletic Department

Shively Weight Room and Other Facilities

The Shively weight room is a 3700 square foot facility which is capable of having 36 athletes train at one time. This space allows for flexibility with scheduling team workout times as well as providing an intense and disciplined atmosphere.

With its 12 multi-purpose lifting stations where athletes are able to perform all of their Olympic style lifting, squats, presses and pulls, the efficiency of each workout is easy to maintain.

The extra space has been well utilized by providing two open areas. The first is designated for footwork, agilities and fitness on the 12 True upright stationary bikes.

The second is an all-purpose mat which is used for plyometric drills, core stability and flexibility exercises. These areas coordinate to help support the total-body training philosophy that the staff programs and teaches.

As well as using Shively weight room, the athletes also train at a variety of different facilities depending on the time of year and where they are in their competitive seasons. The following is a list of the other facilities and some of the drills that are performed there: