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Compliance - Prospective Student-Athletes - NCAA Eligibility Center FAQ

The questions and answers below should get you started. If you have more questions, please contact the University of Kentucky Compliance Office or check the NCAA Eligibility website.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?
The NCAA Eligibility Center is the governing organization that officially certifies student -athletes as academically eligible to compete in NCAA Division I or Division II athletics.

Why do I have to register?
If you want to compete in NCAA Division I or Division II athletics, you must fulfill certain academic requirements, which include coursework, grade point average, and test scores. The Eligibility Center checks whether you meet these requirements and certifies your eligibility to play for any college or university that may be interested in recruiting you.

When should I register?
If you want to play as a freshman, you should register with the Eligibility Center at the end of your junior year of high school. The Eligibility Center will not evaluate your record unless you have completed six semesters of high school coursework. The Eligibility Center must have certified your eligibility before you can receive an athletic scholarship, practice, or compete at a Division I or Division II institution.

How do I register?

  • Pick up an NCAA Eligibility Center application from your high school guidance counselor. (Your counselor can call (319) 337-1492 to receive free copies.)
  • Complete the student-release form. This form authorizes your high school to send your academic records to the Eligibility Center.
  • along with the $50 registration fee. (Fee waivers are available for eligible students.)
  • After graduation, your school must send the Eligibility Center a copy of your final transcript, confirming your graduation from high school.

What happens after I submit my registration forms?
During the summer before your senior year, the Eligibility Center will send you an evaluation of your academic record. This evaluation will tell you what high school coursework you still need to take in order to become certified as eligible to play NCAA Division I or Division II athletics. Use this evaluation to schedule courses during your senior year.

What are the NCAA's academic eligibility requirements?
On the website, you can find out which courses offered by your high school count toward freshman eligibility.